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I was born in Zwedru City(Grand Gedeh County) Liberia. Born onto the union of Mr & Mrs Daud and Aminata Kenneh. Before leaving Liberia, I used to live with my uncle and auntie. They were so good to me and treated me like I was their son. I have never forgotten the favours they did for me in my early childhood came to the United Kingdom at the age of 7 in December 2010, which meant it was really cold for me to adjust and also very dangerous as I was not use to that kind extreme weather. Immediately after the Christmas break, I attended a primary school called Shakespeare primary in Leeds.  I really loved school and I cherished the opportunity to be admitted to this school to achieve a quality education. In addition to my love for education, I was very much interested in football from an early age. Every single child in the part of the world that I am from dream is to become a professional footballer. I have always been fascinated by this beautiful game called football and always wanted to be a footballer. Living in Liberia in my early ages, I used to play on the streets with my friends. We would miss lunches and dinners to play for the love of it! In the process, we would come home late and fall in a lot of trouble for breaking house rules.

Nohan Kenneh In Action

I and my Dad

I later became interested in Sunday leagues and started playing for a club called Shadwell UTD football club. I played for this club for about 2 years. During my second year with Shadwell UTD, we became champion in our year group, I was the top goals scorer in the year 2013 – 2014. In the immediate aftermath of this achievement, Bradford Academy became interested in me. I started training with them and played for about 3 weeks. I found that it was very difficult for me to continue playing for Bradford due to the constraints it puts on me and my schooling. I could not cope well with having to catch the bus every time after school. This hampered my chances of continuing to play for Bradford academy.

In 2014, I started playing with York development centre in Leeds. While playing for them, we travelled around for many games some were occasioned by various tournaments. My performances in these tournaments captured the attentions of so many clubs. That was when my manager realized my potential and promised me that he will try very hard to get me on a trial for Leeds. My performance at the trial secured a spot for me with Leeds. I eventually signed for Leeds in August 2014. One year into my contract with Leeds, I was given a Pre-schooler at the age of 13.

One of my most memorable time was when we went to the Republic of Ireland in 2015 for a tournament called Galway Cup. We won the cup!!  I was one of the outstanding players of the tournament. I received the most valuable player award (MVP). I have now had the privilege to be called Up for England which I believe is another achievement in my life. This will further enhance my chances of becoming a professional football. My first cap for England came in a game against Holland at St George’s Park and we won 3:1!! I hoped I go on to play for the senior team of England and win a lot of trophies together with them.

In April 2018, I was called back for England U15s for a tournament in Italy. That was a proud moment for me and my family and it showed that we were going in the right direction. It was my first tournament with England and I was desperate to impress the manager. During the tournament we lost our first game which meant it was difficult for us to go through even though we then went on to win all our matches but we were unable to win the tournament which was very disappointing.

In August 2018, I had another tournament with England, but it was my first under 16s involvement, so I wanted to impress even more than previous. There were 3 teams involved including England. we won our First match against Scotland 1:0 and had Turkey in the last match who previously also beat Scotland 2:0!! So, it was a must win game for that day and luckily, we managed to come back and won 2:1!!! That wining feeling was unreal, and it was my first International trophy and hopefully many more was to come.

I felt that the 2018-19 season was very productive tear for getting a lot of individual reward and laying my best football. I really believed I developed as player as well as person which helped coped with difficult situation during the season and made me more determent to prove people wrong…

In action against Man-U


My aims and ambitions in life are to make my family proud and help those who are less fortunate around the world. That’s one of my biggest goals and it drives me everyday to work harder and achieve more!! Moreover, my targets  are to one  day become one of the best players of the world in my generation and also  established myself to be in the  front-line of setting good example for the next.
Don’t get tired of improvement,  Don’t give up for any reason!
Always keeping trying, keeping learning ,keeping believing!
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